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I’m a girl. So is she. How can i be ...

I really like this girl from school but i hardly know her! I have a friend that knows her though, and so i ask about her often. But she likes a guy and so I'm sitting here watching and waiting. I know that it would be stupid to walk up and start talking to her when I know that we're both girls. I tried talking to a few friends about it, but most of them hate her. And so what if she's a "poser"...(in their opinion) I've talked to her a few times and i really like her. Sometimes i catch her staring at me, and other times she catches me staring at her. We both look away quickly, but i still want to know if she likes me! How can i tell...and what if she already knows if i like her?

I am interested in a woman who is already involved ...

I am a 50 yr old lesbian. I am a Christian church leader. I met a young woman at church who is also a lesbian. She is 26 years old. She is in a long-distance relationship with her partner of several years. She lives here and intends to stay here. Her partner keeps promising to move here too but is running a business in another country and makes excuses about coming here. Although I know she is in an long-distance relationship, we spend a lot of time together recently. She is beautiful, brilliant, funny, everything I would want in a partner but she is taken. She knows I really like her and initially she said that the Bible says we should not take our friendship any further (and I agreed) but she is always texting me, calls me, came to my home to watch movies with me, went on a "date" with me to see a movie, runs errands for me, always blushes when I tease her, has agreed to go away with me to the mountains for a weekend as "friends". I know I should stop, I know better but I love being with her and she obviously likes me.

I came out to friends and now some are casting ...

I am 14 years old and came out to some of my close friends a few months ago and they all took it well. Anyway, I had a crush on one of my good friends for nearly two years. He was not among the ones I came out to. I have not confessed to him directly but he has probably heard it from my friends. However, because of recent events, I do not really have feelings for him anymore. For the past few weeks he has stopped talking to me and he has been telling my friends not to invite me when we all go out together, and sometimes they really do listen to him. I feel like they all hate me. I really just want to be friends with him again. What should I do?

I have a boyfriend but I am Muslim and cannot ...

My question is simple, but hard. As you can see I am from an Islamic country & so I can't have a boyfriend. But I still do and I love him. Me & my BF met online and have been together for a year. But because I am muslim I am not allowed to go out without my family, & on top of that, I don't have a mobile phone. So I've never seen my BF for the past year, & I only talked to him maybe 10 times from my friend's mobile. I can't go out with my friends either so there's no chance of seeing him. I feel like he's sick of me. What should I do?

Am I bisexual?

I think I might be bisexual; I have had fantasies about both men and women, but never really been in a relationship before so I have nothing to compare. I have a friend who is bi and I become uncomfortable if her & her boyfriend start making out, and I'm also uncomfortable changing in front of other women. My mother is Catholic and my family is very clear about their stand on the gay community; and I know that's clouding my judgment. I've never really felt a strong attraction to either sex (at least not that I'm aware of; I lie to myself a lot -is this normal?), but if my dad & brother are watching porn (straight & lesbian) in the room when I'm working on the computer I'll criticize it and pretend to be disgusted but watch it from the corner of my eye. For years I've been questioning my sexuality..... My friend is very open about what she thinks about women's looks and I get uncomfortable when she asks my opinion; I want to agree most of the time but am afraid to... Please help me sort this out.

My parents won’t let me date before I turn 15

This is Katie again...the one who asked how come my boyfriend doesn't treat me like his other girlfriends. Your answer helped me a lot. He was my first kiss and the first guy I've held hands with...I really like him a lot...but something has come up... I'm turning 15 in a 2 months. My parents won't allow me to date until I turn 15 and even then we can't go to the movies or anything until a couple months after he has been to my house and hanged out with my parents and family. My sister found out today that I've been dating him for over a month now. She says I have to break up with him until I turn 15 and he is allowed to date other girls in the meantime. I'm crying about it because he is the only guy that I've dated that I've liked this much before. I'm scared that if I tell him this, he will soon move on and find another girl and by the time I do get to date it will be too late. I just don't want to let him go this way.I care about him way too much for this..What can I do? Josh is the only guy I've liked this much

I like my best friend but he may be gay

I'm a female and a junior in high school right now. In freshman year I started liking my best friend Ben. Things have been intensifying over the past two years and I always thought Ben was flirting with me. He would touch me, play with my hair, and hint at things like kissing me and dating. Then, 2 weeks ago, Ben was asked on a date by another girl. He called me for advice and, though it killed me, told him to go for it. He told me he didn't want to and it was very complicated. I asked him why and jokingly asked him if he was gay. He surprisingly answered with an "I think I might be." What do I do so as not to ruin our friendship? Why did I like him so much? Why did he flirt with me? And most of all, why didn't he tell me sooner? I could have gotten over him a lot easier if he had told me last year. I mean, we are BEST FRIENDS and I would die without him. The only problem is, him being my best friend, I have no one else to talk to about this. I'm the only one he's come out to.