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I came out to friends and now some are casting ...

I am 14 years old and came out to some of my close friends a few months ago and they all took it well. Anyway, I had a crush on one of my good friends for nearly two years. He was not among the ones I came out to. I have not confessed to him directly but he has probably heard it from my friends. However, because of recent events, I do not really have feelings for him anymore. For the past few weeks he has stopped talking to me and he has been telling my friends not to invite me when we all go out together, and sometimes they really do listen to him. I feel like they all hate me. I really just want to be friends with him again. What should I do?

What can I do to accept my sexual orientation ?

While I came out at the age of seventeen (I will soon be 22), I am finding it more and more difficult with every coming year to accept my sexual identity. I feel suffocated by how the word "lesbian" makes me feel and the hurt it has caused my very traditional immigrant family. I have even grown to dislike being near women, leaving me with nothing more than empty sexual attraction and loneliness. I simply have no clue how to pull myself out of this situation.