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What is happening to me ? I love my boyfriend, ...

hi! my name is laura and i m 19 years old. i have a problem with my sexuallity. i like men. i have slept with my boyfriend many times and i have enjoyed it. i am in love with him. i have had a friend who is atracted to both male and female. after having her story heard, i have thought about it many times. i have tried to get the thought out of my head but it keeps on bothering me. i don't feel comfortable when thinknig about women. i feel disgusted but yet i orgasm. i would never go to bed with a women and it doesn't seem like love to me. i don't feel happy when thinknig about women touching me but i can not get the thought out of my head. i feel special and sexually attracted to my boyfriend and am planning to get married after college to him. why do you think i orgasm when thinking about a women touching me but i don't like it? i tried touching a women but i hated it! i felt disgusted. what do you think is happening? i love my boyfriend and i don't love women so why is this bothering me ?

I am worried I might be a lesbian

I am worried I might be a lesbian. I like these girls but I don't know if I just look up to them or if I really like them in that way. I don't want to be though. I have always dreamed of growing up with my husband and having kids and living a wonderful life. I go to an all-girls camp for eight weeks also. So I don't know if that would influence it or not. I am only thirteen though so I don't know if you can tell by then. I would appreciate it if you would just give me some background and tell me your thoughts. Thanks a lot!

Story – Out of The Shadows and Into The Light

If there's one thing I've learned in my lifetime, it's that nothing goes as planned. As such, coming out didn't happen at all the way I planned it. It was a typical story: get Mom, Dad, and my sister together, and do it in person. The same went for my friends. I'm sure you've already guessed that that's not how it went.