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My husband has had same sex intercourse and cross-dresses- should ...

Hi, I have been married for 4 years. Early in my marriage my husband shared with me that he had had same sex intercourse. I didn't know what to do. In my culture that is called"gay" no matter if later on you are married. I seeked help and they recommended a divorce. I love him so much that I didn't and to make it better he told me it was just a test to see what would I do. Yesterday he told me again that it was true. He did have same sex intercouse more than once and he liked it. He also likes to put things in his rectum when he masturbates. Also, he says that he doesn't like guys because they are gross and that is wrong. However, he wants me to wear a strap-on to see if I like it. He also wants to dress like a girl, wears my underwear and shaves like a girl. I think this is too much but I love him. I want to be with him. I don't know if wanting to be with him is wrong. What should I do? I am really confused.

I work with a girl that I like. What should ...

I work with this girl, whose name I can't say. Over the couple of months that I have worked with her I have started to develop feelings for her. Sometimes we flirt and play around but I have not told her I like her. I would like to tell her but I just can't bring myself to actually make the words come out of my mouth and that is not the only problem - she has a boyfriend. Although I know that she knows I like her as more than a friend by the way I treat her and talk to her, I can never say it and find out whether she likes me too. What do I do?

Is anal penetration dangerous?

am 21 years old, I am gay and single. I would like to know if practising sodomy can lead to negative circumstances, and if I should stop introducing objects into the anus. I do not want to appear obscene: I am afraid of any negative predicaments in the future resulting from this type of practice. Is sodomy considered as a good or bad practice for the body? Is it dangerous? Thank you! Eric