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Does my teacher like me? I have a crush on ...

Hi, I'm a girl and I have this huge crush on my ELA teacher, who is also female. I find everything about her adorable and might be obsessed with her. She told my mom in parent-teacher conference- "I love her!" "shes my little helper." She also talks to me a lot and tells me I don't smile enough and puts this big smile on to get me to smile and laughs (god i love her laugh) when I do. I had a 99.3 average in her class and when it went down to a b-, she wrote me a little note and put it on my desk during class saying something about how she doesn't like seeing that and she noticed my math grade is similar and "we need to fix this!" and when she walked over and talked to me about it she told me I was very smart and could do better and so on. another thing, she always smiles at me and looks at me in class and she also asks whats wrong if I look sad and offers to let me leave for a bit or take a walk/drink. Does she feel attracted to me? Does she like me? Please help. Thank you. :)

A broken child

Being he father of a son who is gay, Made me take the time to write this If you look at your child Just look at him or her as your child, And not something that you do not fully understand You will see that this child is your son or daughter You will see that nothing has changed in them What is changed is you the mother or father Not your child Remember this they are the same children, That you loved the day before they told you