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Whats happening with me ?

Okay, this is a toughie, but it is tearing me apart. I'm a guy who recently broke up with a girlfriend of four years which was very sexual, and I really enjoyed it. However, I was always be aware of a side of me that enjoyed crossdressing. I never really explored it. It came and went. Now I am starting a new relationship with a girl, but am finding it very difficult sexually, maybe because of lack of confidence, I don't know. However, the whole crossdressing and being with other crossdressers is turning me on alot right now ie performing oral. I don't know if my ability to perform sexually is due to a shift in my sexual orientation (pratically during one month?). I don't find guys attractive at all - could never imagine falling in love with a guy, but the whole penis thing does turn me on. When I do have sex with my new girlrfriend, it is amazing, but I am having trouble staying hard enough to put on a condom, so it doesn't always happen. Is it a confidence thing, or am I turning?