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My sex ed teacher says homosexuals came from the devil, ...

Okay, so in 8th grade we wen't through the dreaded Sex education class. The lady they hired said she was open for any and all questions after we had spent a week on hetrosexual sex, and relationships. My best friend, who is gay had a question about Him and his boyfriend, because the question had not been brought up, nor even hinted about he raised his hand. He wanted to know what stds were most common with gay couples, and how him and his boyfriend should approach having sex when the time came. She replied that Homosexuals came from the devil and that it was against god to talk about such things. Why did the school see it okay to talk about the same situation with a hetrosexual couple but not a homosexual?

Story : The Angst Of My High-School Abyss

The memory of my high school days is a dim corridor of sporadic, whispered longings, none of which came to fruition. It is mostly empty ~ a fractured crackling of loneliness, shot through by some insanely undying sense of hope, of something better. A yearning for more ~ for knowledge and answers and, inexplicably, a want and desire for formulated questions. If I only knew why, or what, or who ~ would it all make sense?