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Should I come out as a bisexual?

There's something which is bothering me. A lot of mates ask me or talk to me about their boyfriends and girlfriends. Would it be a good choice to tell everyone? I have no problems with who I am but my mother often tells me I do not have to talk about it with a lot of people. I just want to be me, not to lie even if it is to a question of someone I am not close with. You see, for me bisexuality or homosexuality is not a problem but when I think at the opinions of others about it, I think to myself that maybe I am doing something wrong. It passed quickly but I am still wondering if saying it just to mates that I am bisexual is a good idea? Because you know people can be mean in college so I do not know what to do... I am really tempted not to hide at all but I am not sure what to do.