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My husband likes my boobs but seems gay

Is my husband gay or bi? My friends have always told me he is gay (including gay friends). When we started dating he never stopped talking about his gay friends. During the relationship he would always tell me how gay men were looking at him at the gym. He flirts with gay men at work and tells me it's only joking. He can spot a gay man a mile away and always looks at him. He knows all the gay sayings etc. He likes anal touching and anal sex with me. But he loves my body (boobs and all). I am so confused, please help. Once he told me he had been gay before we met and then said he was only joking. Do you think he is gay or bi. He said other gay men said he is attractive because he dresses well and looks after his appearance.

Am I bisexual and won’t admit it?

I came out as a lesbian a year ago and since then, I have had one female relationship and three strictly sexual relationships with men. I'm not attracted to men at all, but for some reason I keep going towards them. I don't understand why I do this. I feel terrible and disgusting afterwards. Am I bisexual and won't admit it? - Amy

I’ve found myself attracted to guys, does that mean that ...

Dear AlterHeros staff, First I want to thank you for establishing such website for youth who are or may be wondering about themselves. Incidentally, I am one of those people. I am turning 19 soon, and I think it's time for me to realize what my sexual orientation really is. I have noticed for a long time that I am attracted to both male and female (more like 75% for male and 25% for female), and I actually have had couple of crushes on some male friends of mine. It that normal? I've heard before that even straight people have crushes on the same-sex friends sometimes. Does the fact that I am attracted to males and have had crushes on same-sex conclude that I am gay? Is there any possibility that I just want to be like them (eg. good-looking, smart, athletic, etc), or is it that I actually like them, instead of being like them. I realize that my question may not be so significant, but I would really appreciate if you could reply with an answer. Thank you :)