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Why do I find men SO physically unappealing?

I am soon to be 45 and I am self-identified as a lesbian. The reason I have decided that I am a lesbian is because I don't like male biology---from the daily smegma accumulations, to the viscuous, invasive fluids, hard bodies, to the rather cold and analytical manner of relating to others which is governed by testosterone.. Don't get me wrong. I don't hate men. I just can't embrace our differences to like them romantically. My question is, and if you could give this answer more insight than you think I am asking for....; If you could tell me why heterosexual women like these (in my estimation) unappealing attributes.

I’m scare of ruining my frindship with him…

I'm a female,17, and a senior. I've known Sean since I was 10. He'll be 16 soon. We met at his family's church. I was almost fourteen when I began to like him. Then I stopped going to church for a couple years; we still talked on the phone but we werent as close. I came back last year, and now were best friends again. We hang out pretty often now, although he lives in the next town over. I still spend the night at his house. I thought I could get over the feelings I had for him but they're even stronger now. His older sister even said to us one day, "You're so pretty Ashley. Why don't you and Sean get together? People keep making comments like this and the only way I can respond is by saying it'd be too weird b/c he's like my brother. I've never even been kissed let alone had a boyfriend. Im scared of ruining our friendship and I know everyone will be involved b/c his family is huge and the church is small. With college next year im moving(still in Ca) & i dont know what to do...

Why do all religions condemn homosexuality?

Hello.... it is irfan here again.... well i read your answer...it was quite attractive and I liked reading about how every one has a right to live the way they want to live... From your answer, I am getting this idea that there is no religion in the world basically or we should not believe in any religion but as a Muslim that is not possible and it would be the most disgusting thing for me not to believe. If you have researched on different religions so you must have gotten the idea that nowadays everything is exactly as Islam predicted in its book the Koran: it means islam does exist..... that is for sure... I can't argue about this....but my problem can be solved by only your perspective/answer on this issue, i.e. that gay feelings are natural. If it's not natural then it could mean it is curable... if it would not be curable then it is not possible that islam predicted punishment.... it must have a solution on which we can act and can make our life comfortable. Just think about all religions being against gay feelings so how is it possible that being gay is natural?

Am I bisexual or lesbian?

I'm Sarah, I'm 14 And I Thought I was ' Bisexual '. I Have A Girlfriend Named Sophie Who I'm Very Much In Love With. But Whenever Someone Asks Me What My Sexual Orientation Is I Say « Bi ». But I'm Really Confused About Whether I'm Bi Or Lesbian Because I haven't Had Sexual Thoughts About Men In Almost A Year. Is This Just Because I'm In A Relationship With A Girl And That's Always On My Mind? Or am I just Lesbian and not bisexual? - Please Help, Sarah

If I masturbate while thinking about men, does this mean ...

I think about men when I masturbate but I like women. I don't know if I'm gay or not because of this. I get called gay at school because of my voice. My voice has deepened a little bit since the 7th grade. I have had sex with a girl already and I'm totally straight. I love women. But I have emotional feelings for women and I don't know why I can't have physical feelings. So what I'm trying to ask is... if I masturbate while thinking about men and have physical thoughts, does that mean I'm gay?

What can I do to accept my sexual orientation ?

While I came out at the age of seventeen (I will soon be 22), I am finding it more and more difficult with every coming year to accept my sexual identity. I feel suffocated by how the word "lesbian" makes me feel and the hurt it has caused my very traditional immigrant family. I have even grown to dislike being near women, leaving me with nothing more than empty sexual attraction and loneliness. I simply have no clue how to pull myself out of this situation.

Religion and sexual orientation

To whom it may concern, I am currently in a bisexual relationship and am not sure about whether that is exactly "right" or not. I have started getting various things on both sides. I am not sure about either one. I am a christian but, I truly love this girl, even if she is bisexual and would like to be with her. However I do not want to interfere with my faith. Can you help me find out if it is okay to be in this relationship? Thanks, Dave