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I have been thinking a lot lately about my sexual ...

Hello I have been thinking a lot lately about myself, about my sexual orientation which i know nothing about it. I’ve been overthinking a lot about my condition. I’m not sure about my actual sexual orientation, i’ve been attracted to gay porn since 12 years old, now i’m 22 yo, i’m still attracted, but in real life, i just don’t know, i have a lot of male friends who i don’t find attractive to do something like porn, and also for 5 years, i’ve been living with male roommates, and i have never been saying to myself that i like this guy or o i’m attracted to that one, never. In addition, even if i was attracted by someone, i would never do that, first of all because of my religion that i respect, second of all because i won’t be liking doing sex with guys. I imagine myself with a woman, and ofc having children... i want to stoop thinking about this problem and live a good life, specially in my twenties. This problem affected me so much, that i can’t talk to any girl, thinking that i won’t be her prince. This problem is living in my mind for over 4 years now, but as im growing, im just letting go the idea of having a straight relationships, that i dream of them. I just want to be normal. I’m also thinking that my attraction to guys, is that i envy them about their dick size is, all i see during looking to a gay porn video o a photo, is just the person’s dick that all, because i think my 14cm’s dick isn’t enough, specially when all of my male friends have big dicks behind their boxers, i just envy them. I try telling myself that my self-confidence came from my unhappiness about my penis. I want to know how to deal with this shit, and how i can get what i want, a normal life, no gay thing no dicks, Just having a girl by my side and living together. Thank you

I am interested in a woman who is already involved ...

I am a 50 yr old lesbian. I am a Christian church leader. I met a young woman at church who is also a lesbian. She is 26 years old. She is in a long-distance relationship with her partner of several years. She lives here and intends to stay here. Her partner keeps promising to move here too but is running a business in another country and makes excuses about coming here. Although I know she is in an long-distance relationship, we spend a lot of time together recently. She is beautiful, brilliant, funny, everything I would want in a partner but she is taken. She knows I really like her and initially she said that the Bible says we should not take our friendship any further (and I agreed) but she is always texting me, calls me, came to my home to watch movies with me, went on a "date" with me to see a movie, runs errands for me, always blushes when I tease her, has agreed to go away with me to the mountains for a weekend as "friends". I know I should stop, I know better but I love being with her and she obviously likes me.

I hate how religions portray homosexuality

I hate when people start with religion and sexuality. They tell us how this stupid book says we can't be gay or whatever. They say its unnatural and try to 'FIX' us or abuse us. What if we don't want to be fixed, I certainly don't want to change my sexuality and third gender which I'm sure they are against too. Instead of trying to find a cure so people can be happy too, why don't they just leave us alone? My dad always brings up this stupid thing about how gays are wrong and how having same-sex intercourse is like doing it with animals. I told him that it's completely different because that's all about sex rather than sexuality and the animal can not make a mature choice as to if it wants to because it cannot speak so it's like RAPE, which is wrong. I'm really getting annoyed with the world's views on gays/transgenders and everything else. It's sickening. I want to help stop this madness but I don't know how. What can I do?? I feel so hopeless that the world is doomed to be forever like this.

Why do all religions condemn homosexuality?

Hello.... it is irfan here again.... well i read your answer...it was quite attractive and I liked reading about how every one has a right to live the way they want to live... From your answer, I am getting this idea that there is no religion in the world basically or we should not believe in any religion but as a Muslim that is not possible and it would be the most disgusting thing for me not to believe. If you have researched on different religions so you must have gotten the idea that nowadays everything is exactly as Islam predicted in its book the Koran: it means islam does exist..... that is for sure... I can't argue about this....but my problem can be solved by only your perspective/answer on this issue, i.e. that gay feelings are natural. If it's not natural then it could mean it is curable... if it would not be curable then it is not possible that islam predicted punishment.... it must have a solution on which we can act and can make our life comfortable. Just think about all religions being against gay feelings so how is it possible that being gay is natural?

I enjoy seeing girls having sex, but I don’t want ...

I am a straight girl. I always want to look at pornography on the Internet. I know I shouldn't, but I can't help it. I look at a girl and a guy have sex, but I watch more videos of girls having sex with other girl. I know I am straight, but I need someone to tell me if I am straight. I can't be gay/lesbian/bi and be a Pentecostal (that's my religion). I need someone to tell me I am straight and I am doing my best to stop looking at pornography. I love the Lord and He will help me understand. I would never kiss or have sex with another girl, but I enjoy seeing other girls have sex. I don't like that feeling at all! What should I do?

Religion and sexual orientation

To whom it may concern, I am currently in a bisexual relationship and am not sure about whether that is exactly "right" or not. I have started getting various things on both sides. I am not sure about either one. I am a christian but, I truly love this girl, even if she is bisexual and would like to be with her. However I do not want to interfere with my faith. Can you help me find out if it is okay to be in this relationship? Thanks, Dave