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I hate that I am attracted to men…

When i was first entering puberty i was heterosexual and had fasination with the female body. Then around the age of 10 that fascination switched to men and it has been that way ever since, reason unknown. I grew up hating that I was attracted to men and a part of me still hates the 'gay' me. Recently I began accepting the fact that I could be gay, and both friends and family has been very supportive of my desicion. However even now I don't know what i am. I am physically attracted to males but emotionally attracted to females. I find this rift grows when I add in the fact that I want kids, I want to offer a life what my mom AND dad gave me. I want to continue my own flesh and blood with a wife I love but I'm scared that I will be unfaithful and go back to guys, because I'm more attracked to them physically. I tried boyfriends but they just turn to sexual flings and most guys a meet are TOO gay for my liking, however there have been possible relationships. I feel so torn!

I think about kissing my friend, I like her alot

I find guys attractive to an extent and enjoy doing things with them (though I have not slept with one). However there is one girl who is a friend of mine and I like her way more than a friend; I have had suspicions that she may be bi but she denies it. I have never done anything with another girl but I have dreamt about kissing her and I am confused I think about her alot. - Rebecca