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I’m in love with my best friend who is a ...

I just graduated from college and told my best male straight friend that I have fallen madly in love with him the day before we received our diplomas. I have been in denial over these feelings for over a year now, as I wasn't even able to tell myself for the longest time. I have always been attracted to girls; though have never had a sexual experience with them or anyone else for that matter. I have fantasized about girls many times, but have never had a passion for anyone like I have for my best male friend. I deeply love him, but he isn't that way even though amazingly he still wants me as his close friend. What do I do? Am I definitely bisexual? And also, how do I cope with the heartbreaking feelings of knowing that I can't be with him in this way? This is extremely difficult and I honestly don't know what to do. My career is also in the public eye, so I need to be careful about whom I talk sexually based things to.

I want to tell my friend I am bisexual, but ...

Hi, i'm bisexual and i haven't told one of my best friends yet because i'm afraid she won't want to hang out with me anymore. Shes totally excepting of people but whenever she sees a gay girl or girls holding hands she thinks its really weird. I've known her for 9 years and I don't want this to ruin it. I know she should except me for me if she was really my friend but I don't know if she could handle this. What should I say when i come out, that won't scare her away?

I am not sure of my sexual orientation

Hi, I don't know if I'm gay. Lately I have become really uncertain if I am. I have always made friends better with girls rather than guys, ever since a young age. I have tried dating girls on several occasions but usually they just brushed me off because "I just want to stay friends". I have always had a question in the back of my brain weather or not I was gay, and recently I have had it appearing more and more. On occasion I get arroused by women, but I get more arroused by men. I have become attracted to guy that I have met recently (at a summer camp) and I really got confused when this happened (thats when the questions started). I did nothing, and acted like everything was normal, but deep down inside I was a turmoil of emotions. I need help and advice Jonathan