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My husband has had same sex intercourse and cross-dresses- should ...

Hi, I have been married for 4 years. Early in my marriage my husband shared with me that he had had same sex intercourse. I didn't know what to do. In my culture that is called"gay" no matter if later on you are married. I seeked help and they recommended a divorce. I love him so much that I didn't and to make it better he told me it was just a test to see what would I do. Yesterday he told me again that it was true. He did have same sex intercouse more than once and he liked it. He also likes to put things in his rectum when he masturbates. Also, he says that he doesn't like guys because they are gross and that is wrong. However, he wants me to wear a strap-on to see if I like it. He also wants to dress like a girl, wears my underwear and shaves like a girl. I think this is too much but I love him. I want to be with him. I don't know if wanting to be with him is wrong. What should I do? I am really confused.

I hate how religions portray homosexuality

I hate when people start with religion and sexuality. They tell us how this stupid book says we can't be gay or whatever. They say its unnatural and try to 'FIX' us or abuse us. What if we don't want to be fixed, I certainly don't want to change my sexuality and third gender which I'm sure they are against too. Instead of trying to find a cure so people can be happy too, why don't they just leave us alone? My dad always brings up this stupid thing about how gays are wrong and how having same-sex intercourse is like doing it with animals. I told him that it's completely different because that's all about sex rather than sexuality and the animal can not make a mature choice as to if it wants to because it cannot speak so it's like RAPE, which is wrong. I'm really getting annoyed with the world's views on gays/transgenders and everything else. It's sickening. I want to help stop this madness but I don't know how. What can I do?? I feel so hopeless that the world is doomed to be forever like this.