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Late period

Ok so this is going to be TMI, apologizes in advance. My boyfriend and I had protected sex early November. Since then I've had two normal periods (heavy flow, horrible cramps the works). But as of now my period is 15 days late! I've taken three AHPT all have come back negative. I know stress can throw off your cycle, and with a new job I've been pretty darn stressed,and I know there's probably a very slim chance I'm pregnant. But what's going on? My period used to be super irregular but the past year it's been fairly regular.

I have periods every 45 days

Hello, I am a 26 year old married Indian woman. I got married 6 months back.. My periods were very much regular before marriage that is in 30 days. But after my marriage I was relocated to UAE, and I started getting my periods once in 45 days. And that cycle is very regular but only problem is that it comes in 45 days. I talked to our family doctor in India and she has asked me to take iron tablets for 60 days. Will it help? Is there any side effect like weight gaining or something if I take those tablets? And please tell me weather there will be any problem if I am leaving this issue of 45 days periods, or let it be like that?? Please help me out.

Is the light bleed I had a month ago an ...

First thanks for the quick response. However, the reason I posted my question is because I did read the other posts and none really answered what I needed to know. So what I'll do is try to reword my request..... Is it possible that implantation bleeding not be just a light pink ....... Beginning of June I had what I thought was a period but only 2 days-not even a full two days. The blood was darker than normal but still accompanied by some brighter blood. Am I safe to say this was my period? When it did stop it was sudden and then nothing not even spotting since then.... Hopefully this clarifies what I am asking for. Thanks Lena b

Are my breasts normal in shape?

I am a 14 year old who is fairly athletic and thin and wears a 34b cup. I got my period at age 13. My nipples are not inverted but flat. Although you have assured other girls that with maturation they can stick out, I have many friends who are my age and do not have flat nipples like mine. Also my breasts tend to look pointy and not really round in shirts without a bra. Is that normal?

Am I pregnant, even though I had my period last ...

Hi...I really need your help. I took an emergency contraceptive within 48hrs of having sex with my boyfriend a month ago. We have not slept together since. I had my period after 6 days of taking it. The flow was normal, and I had my habitual cramps as well. However my next period is a few days late now. I keep getting the feeling I will get my period. I have mild cramps but no period yet. Could it be because of the hormones in the pill that my period is late now or could I be pregnant? I did have my period after the last time I took the emergency contraceptive so I am confused and scared. Is it possible to be pregnant if you have had your period? Please help me…