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My girlfriend thinks I’m too clingy

I'm in the beginning of a relationship with a girl that I really like but I just got a tip from one of her friends that she feels I'm too clingy (which is also the reason my last real relationship ended). I feel my big problem with girls is that if I like them I get too clingy. How do I become less clingy towards a girl and can you please give me some examples to work from because everything I'm reading on the subject doesn't help me unless they tell me different examples and dilemmas. Thanks for the help.

Story – The Party

But really, it didn't mean anything. He probably didn't even remember. Sarah had said "you should give him a call, maybe he just forgot". Maybe he doesn't even remember who I am, I thought, maybe he doesn't even care. We met him at this party in our neighbourhood. I had nothing to do at home so I just went, it was better than sitting at home watching television.