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I’m 12 years old and I currently identify as genderfluid ...

Hi I am 12 years old Currently identify as Genderfluid But I am starting to question myself about whether I am or not but I know one thing for SURE I am not cis. I present Female but Mostly feel male/agender but i have these days where I either feel Nonbinary or like a Demigirl it is never fully female. so I need help because i have no idea what gender I am. I also have extreme anxiety so I haven't came out yet because I feel like my mom will hate me(She is very supportive of lgbtq so i know it is safe) i am just scared so if you have any suggestions i would like them. - Alex?( Dunno what my name is anymore)

Story – Stunted growth

You walk steadfastly, looking fabulous while you embrace the person you were born to be. People stare. They size you up, either hoping to make eye contact and start seducing you or to make sure you're not looking better than them. These are your brothers, sisters and everyone in between and you feel at home and so out of place.