Tag: Pansexual

I don’t want to be considered a boy or a ...

I would not like to be considered a boy or a girl. I am not sexually attracted to just boys or just girls, in fact neither. I feel as though physical attraction can turn me on and I do enjoy "sex" (or in my case masturbation). However I feel confused as to what this exactly means. I don't feel as though I should be judged upon my sex. I feel comfort in feeling as though I fit into a group but right now I'm more or less just outside any group circles. I've searched for a word to describe me to others, instead of having to say this every time. So what exactly am I? I've never been sexually attracted to male or female parts. Because I am still a virgin, people think this is just a phase or I haven't experienced life enough to know but I know this is who I am, its just all so confusing! I just wish I could scream out at the top of my lungs exactly who I am, but what am I?

I don’t quite fit in. Can you help me!

I've known that I've been different since I was a kid, but now I can't figure out what I am. I don't fit into lesbian or any other tables. In my recent browsing of the internet, I found the term 'pansexual.' This, so far, is the closest thing I can find to describe my sexual orientation. This doesn't quite fit, either, for I find myself attracted to mostly females and everything else in between, more than males. I don't feel like I should be a female, but being male isn't right for me either. Any ideas? - Alanna