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Can I change the fact that I am feeling more ...

I think I am transgendered but, don't want to believe my marriage and life has been a lie. My question is this...How can you change what you feel on the inside? How can you avoid what feels like an inevitable sex change? I love my wife and family very much but, I have the strongest feminine desires I have ever had. I feel like I am not supposed to be a man. I feel more feminine than masculine. How can you change that? I am on the verge of losing my wife of almost 8 years because I don't know how to deal with these feelings. I try to run from it but, somehow it always catches up with me. I want to know that I can beat this. I have been told that whether I want or not I will eventually become female.

Pain and mastubation

Hi! I am a young man of 28 years old and I haven't any experience with girls. I am handsome but I feel that I couldn't make a relation with girls. I am very hardworking in the faculty and I teach in the university but I am little shy. I masturbate many times everyday and my penis pains me. I need your help and advice to get rid of this habit and to keep my sexual health because I am still single. Thank you! - Baseel