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Six Nominations for AlterHeros at the Allostars!

During a press conference in Montreal held at the Serge et Réal Bookstore on February 9th, 2006, the QAQY (Quebec Alliance of Queer Youth) announced its list of finalist for the first annual Allostars Gala, an event that has been created to recognize the work of queer youth. We are pleased to be among six out of the twenty finalists!

I am confused. Can you help me identify who ...

I am so confused right now, I am attracted to people of my same sex and have even done stuff with them, but I still don't know if I'm bi or what I am because those might have been just fases so I've heard from other people but I'm still attracted to them. But I'm currently involved with a girl and I'm having trouble labeling myself as bi or straight. Thanks for taking the time to read my letter and just any kind of advice will be helpful. - Nick