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I would like to know about resources for transgender individuals ...

Okay so now that I am out to myself about being transgender, I was hoping you guys could tell me some names of support groups. I know you guys are in Montreal which sucks because I live in Hamilton, Ontario. So I was wondering if you knew any support groups in that area or Stoney Creek, Ontario. I'm having trouble finding them. Thanks for your help.

I am attracted to someone else than my husband but ...

I am a mother of 2 kids... The problem started when my girlfriend taught me how to chat; then I became addicted to chatting. I also met this guy at the chatroom and then we became very close to each other but we never met in person. We see each other only on the webcam... Our relasionship stayed that way for nearly 3 years... I don't know when it will stop but i know this is wrong because I have a husband who is good and kids. I kept telling myself this guy is just my past-time but now I am not so sure anymore. I don't want to lose my family or this guy because I know that he loves me and I think I love him too. Please help me deal with my feelings. Maybe I have made a mistake..

Should I develop a relationship with someone I met online?

My question is about being in a relationship with a person you met online. About seven years ago, I met a boy on a forum and since then we have talked every single day for hours, we watched each other grow up, we know each other's flaws and strengths and for the most part we can accept each other's differences. Over the past two years this has developed slowly and gradually into a very deep relationship, even past the crush stage to something closer to love. We have no way of knowing until we meet each other. Is this a good thing to do? Should we go for it even with the societal stigmatization that comes with it? And even if our families may not think it is the best thing to do?

I’m confused about my gender identity. Help me!

I have had thoughts about transsexalism for some time. At first I thought it was a fetish, because I fantasised about being with T-Girls all the time. However, the last few years, I've been female in all my dreams, I've been sexually active, yet have never "cum" with a girl, I have fantasies about having sex with guys as a girl.... I've been to psychiatrists and they say I'm just confused, that it's just a phase... but I'm not sure... I've made my appearance much more Feminine, and cross-dress whenever I can, but am too scared to go out in public... What should I do? Should I try another shrink? Should I tell my parents? I'm so confused. – TF