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Article – Gay teens coming out: it’s talked about more, ...

It was a black, stretch-velvet dress that outed Shawn Fowler at the age of 14. Hours earlier, the sexy number had been tucked secretly away in his bedroom - along with a wig, lipstick and mascara. Yet there was his sister, sashaying through his grandparents' house, only she was donning the frock.

What is the cause of homosexuality?

I was just interested to know "what is the reason that there are gay people, and it seems to be getting seemingly more common in the population." I am a gay guy myself and I have always wondered that question. For something so common these days it is weird not to have any truthful matter to the fact of what brings one to be a homosexual. Thanks.

It’s back to school at AlterHéros

One may be tempted to assume that being gay in 2002 is easier than it was twenty-five years ago. Without a doubt, people's mentality has evolved. Yet, much prejudice still exists, discrimination is omnipresent, and the subject of homosexuality remains a taboo for many people, especially for students. Find out how AlterHéros and its partner, Programme Action-Santé, help alleviate the problem.