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Am I bisexual ?

Hi. My name is Leela. I am 14 years old. Ever since I was little I've been curious about the opposite gender. I really like guys but I am also attracted to girls as well. I definitely like guys more than girls but I am confused. If I am bisexual I could never tell my family. They have strong opinions about that sort of stuff and they would kill me! I would have to say that I am more sexually attracted to girls but at the same time I have a fear of having sex with a guy because I'm afraid it will hurt. I don't know if that is the reason I am more sexually attracted to girls or not. I need major help and advice!!!

I am a girl who is in love with my ...

I am a girl who is in love with my gay best friend's boyfriend. I know it sounds really bad but I can't stop thinking about him. When I'm with him it's great, and I can see us together, but he is dating my best friend. When we get drunk, we kiss a little bit and joke about how we would be happy together, but he means more to me than he actually knows. When my dad died early this year, he was there more than my own friends, if I have a problem I will go to him first, and he will come to me instead of going to his friends. I am unsure of what to do about it, and how to act, even though I know that nothing will ever happen between us.

I just feel I am more comfortable in the opposite ...

Hi, this is kinda embarrassing for me to say, but I just wanted to pose a question. Ever since I was little I was a tomboy. I was roughty and I liked to have fun. But now I'm 13 and things have changed a little. I just feel like I am more comfortable in the opposite gender. One Halloween my friends dared me to be a guy and I did. I wore a wig and it was really believable. I was hanging with some guys and they thought I was a guy too. They played rough with me, but they were careful because I'm really thin. I just felt like I belonged and I was more comfortable with the opposite gender. Also, I definitely DO NOT like girls, I like guys. I'm afraid to talk to my mom, so what's going on with me? Is there something wrong with me?

Am I bisexual?

Hi I'm confused about my sexuality you see I like girls but I also have liked guys, but not in a relationship kind of way. I just like there bodies and sometimes I wish I had a body like that, is it just jealousy I'm feeling? Another thing, a friend who is bisexual wants to give me oral, but he just wanted to do it for fun and pleasure nothing serious and I said yes, I'm so stupid I think. Should I do this and experiment? I am also worried that if I do it, it may change my sexual preference for ever. I can choose not to do it, it's just oral not anal or anything like that... I also thought and heard that teens usually experiment with this kind of stuff, but I'm really confused about my sexuality. I still like chicks and would love to have sex with one and I love to get romantic with them and that type of stuff but could never be romantic with a guy or have that type of relationship. Please help me!!!!