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My peers tease that I am gay – but I ...

I'm peter,15 years old....Since last month I'm afraid of turning gay.....but i don't want to as i have fell in love only with the opposite sex....and i don't think i will fall for men in the future...but at school I'm very friendly with girl and i always like to crack jokes among them. Some boys always say that I'm gay. When they say that I'm gay...i feel anxious and angry.....during my life time,i had watched only straight porn not gay porn.I don't know why they say that I'm....are they jealous that girls talk with me??or am I gay???.......since I'm very anxious and this is affecting my sex drive.I don't want to become gay but since they said that I'm gay ,i becoming very confused.....am i straight ???am i gay???or am i bisexual???

The ‘Gaydar’ – An Urban Legend?

Who's gay? Who's lesbian? Who's straight? Who's not? Can we tell by just looking? Is there really some special way that homosexuals can recognize another in a crowded room, gym, or mall? Straight people are curious and often mystified. "How do you know?" they ask. "I just do," I respond confidently. Read more on the legend about the 'Gaydar'