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I’m scared to reveal my bisexuality

Hey I am 15 and I am in year 8 at high school I am scared to tell my friends who I am. I am actually bisexual and I really won't to tell them but I am afraid that they will look at me in different way and be disgusted at me and won't to be near me anymore and I have been hiding this for a while and I don't won't to keep it bottled up what should I do ???? =[

Why do I find men SO physically unappealing?

I am soon to be 45 and I am self-identified as a lesbian. The reason I have decided that I am a lesbian is because I don't like male biology---from the daily smegma accumulations, to the viscuous, invasive fluids, hard bodies, to the rather cold and analytical manner of relating to others which is governed by testosterone.. Don't get me wrong. I don't hate men. I just can't embrace our differences to like them romantically. My question is, and if you could give this answer more insight than you think I am asking for....; If you could tell me why heterosexual women like these (in my estimation) unappealing attributes.

I had an abortion for my boyfriend, and now he ...

I have been with my boyfriend for one and a half year. Recently, he has changed so much, and he's no longer the guy I once fell for. Last year, I aborted our baby because he told me that he didn't want to be tied down. After what happened, he started to refrain from making love to me by using his religion as an excuse all of a sudden so that he doesn't have to deal with the responsibility for getting me pregnant again. Now, he acts secretively as though he has someone else in his life. He used to be very loving towards me. I thought that he would appreciate & cherish me more after what happened. I even agreed not to mention anything about marriage as he has no intention to settle down. He treats me nicely when he's in the mood but he also hurts me and treats me like badly most of the time, especially when he is asking me why am I still upset over an aborted baby. Yesterday, he told me that he doesn't love me anymore. How can I make him love me again?

I like this girl but she sees me only as ...

I like this girl..I am always flirting with her and calling her my baby..she goes along with it..Then she says I'm cool and a sweetheart but she sees me as a friend. I asked her if it would be a bad idea if I tried to win her over and she said that she sees me as a friend but if I want to continue and try then its my decision. What should I do, I am very confused??

Is my friend to curious?

I have this friend who feels hurt when i dont' tell her my feelings for her but yet i know she's strongly heterosexual yet she wants to know all about lesbians, what they do, how they do it. she is said she wished i was a guy and all that stuff but i know she is only bicurious because she's definitely attracted to only guys but she's asking too many questions and i don't know if she's just curious or she wants to do it? it's playing with my mind a lot and i simply don't know what to do!

I’m afraid of not being accepted by my male friends. ...

Hi, I have recently discovered that I am gay but I really do not know how to break it to my parents or my friends. I am trully afraid of not being accepted by my male friends and possibly even by some members of my family. The reason for this being that I always told everyone I was straight but deep down I knew that I really was attracted to men. So my greatest fear is that my coming out could shock everyone and they might not talk to me anymore. Can you help?

I find girls attractive yet I’m turned on by guys.

Hi! I am a young male confused about my sexuality. My perfect world and dream is to get married and have kids, yet for some reason that's not that easy for me. First of all, I find girls attractive yet when i take the next step i get really nervous and turned off by everything. On the other hand, I see guys and don't think of them in a sexual way but there is a feeling inside that makes me feel turned on in a way. I don't find males more physically attractive than females. Can you help me in any way? – Jonathan

My sexual fantasies are confusing me. Help!

I'm really confused about my sexuality. I'm a male and I've always emotionally liked woman, I've already dated some and i really had pleasure and orgasms with them except when it comes to real sex. I usually get excited while masturbating with lesbian sex, and also with male gay sex. As I get excited imagining gay scenes I am really confused about my sexuality. I never got excited with male friends or other any other man I see. Please help me and thank you very much! - Marcelio

Is it safe to swallow my partner’s vaginal fluid?

I am lesbian and during sex, I always swallow the liquid from my partner vagina. But now I am starting to worry… is this dangerous for my health? Does the action of swallowing this liquid have long-term consequences on my health? My partner cleans herself with antibacterial soap, but my question is related to the liquid that comes out during an orgasm. Thank you for answering my question

I like this girl but how do I know she’s ...

Hi! I'm 18 and just now putting all the signs together that I am a lesbian, or at least bi. I have a crush on a girl I work with and I was just wondering the signs if she likes me...or if she's even bi or a lesbian. I would love to find out qualities or characteristics of a lesbian..even if they are myths..please catch me up!! :-)