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My boyfriend rubbed his penis on my vagina, is there ...

I am a virgin and last day my bf roubbed his penis with my vegina....he is not sure that he ejacuted and it didn't get inside my vegina.... I was supposed to get periods on that day....but i didn't have my periods yet...its being just only 2 day.....is there any chnce of being pregnant...what should i do now

I have periods every 45 days

Hello, I am a 26 year old married Indian woman. I got married 6 months back.. My periods were very much regular before marriage that is in 30 days. But after my marriage I was relocated to UAE, and I started getting my periods once in 45 days. And that cycle is very regular but only problem is that it comes in 45 days. I talked to our family doctor in India and she has asked me to take iron tablets for 60 days. Will it help? Is there any side effect like weight gaining or something if I take those tablets? And please tell me weather there will be any problem if I am leaving this issue of 45 days periods, or let it be like that?? Please help me out.

Is my girlfriend pregnant?

My girlfriend and I had oral sex, only.I clearly remember not touching her genitals with precome, i was careful.I washed up,before we were together.I did not probe her with my fingers at all,nor did i ejaculate on her vulva. She has not gotten her periods this month, it is approx 7 days late.We fear pregnancy(which i feel is impossible).I had unknowingly ejaculated through my sleep in the morning i.e. 7 am, and we engaged in oral sex at 11 am, of course through the days routine of personal hygiene, semen would not have remained on my hand,or would have died out.She was in a peak 3-4 days later.But an interesting thing is that for the past 6 months, her periods have shifted (instead of getting her period on the 1st of the month,which was clockwork, she was getting it on the 7th or 8th, of the month). She has also been through a lot of stress, exams,family issues. With all the facts put forth. Could she be pregnant? looking back i remember no sperm touched her at all. Pl help me?