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I am bi-curious but I don’t know how to approach ...

I am bi-curious. I have made out with a few dudes, but I want to explore beyond that boundary. My bestfriend is straight, and I don't know what his take on it would be if I came out of the closet. How should I tell him? Also, I'm not very good at the whole male approach, with women I can walk up to them and be ok, but with men I beat around the bush, and most of the time I get scared, because I don't want to be embarrassed if they're not into me. Help!

Can masturbation affect your health?

I always feel like masturbating, as it gives me a lot of pleasure, but sometimes I fight myself to stop masturbating, because I think it will affect my health. I think it will make me weaker and thinner, because I want to do body building, and if I am thin how can I have a muscular body? Is it true that masturbating will affect me in that way?