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I just feel I am more comfortable in the opposite ...

Hi, this is kinda embarrassing for me to say, but I just wanted to pose a question. Ever since I was little I was a tomboy. I was roughty and I liked to have fun. But now I'm 13 and things have changed a little. I just feel like I am more comfortable in the opposite gender. One Halloween my friends dared me to be a guy and I did. I wore a wig and it was really believable. I was hanging with some guys and they thought I was a guy too. They played rough with me, but they were careful because I'm really thin. I just felt like I belonged and I was more comfortable with the opposite gender. Also, I definitely DO NOT like girls, I like guys. I'm afraid to talk to my mom, so what's going on with me? Is there something wrong with me?

My friend asked me to have sex but he said ...

I am a boy and I have a friend who has had girlfriends before but sometimes when he would come over he wanted to do sexual things. Sometimes I would go to sleep and would wake up to find his arm over me and him right up against me. I asked him once before if he was gay and he said no. After that, he hasn't asked to do anything else. Claims it makes him feel bad or shameful. Is he gay? And if I liked some of the stuff he did, does it makes me gay?

Story – Accepting me for who I am

I never really thought about it as a child. In fact, my parents kept me away from the real world. I didn't find out a lot of things until I was in grade 4 and some of the older grade girls would tell me about stuff. I never even gave a thought to the gay community until I was in grade 8.

What exactly is bisexual ?

What exactly is bisexual? I'm the Mom of a 15 yr old girl who has just informed me that she is bisexual. The problem is I don't think she understands all the implications of that label. She has always walked "to the beat of a different drumer" -always trying to fit in. She started high school this year and I think she has finally found a group that will accept her and she is identifying with them. She has always seemed attracted to guys but says that was all an act to hide her true feelings from me. I'm confused as a parent. I want to support her but I'm afraid for her too. I have asked her to take it slow and make sure this is truly her choice of sexuality. Her father and I will accept her no matter what - we just want her to be sure that she's not just 'labeling' herself to fit in. Am I hurting her psychologically by asking her to question her choice before making commitments? Right now she has a bf who is also bisexual.

I can’t stop thinking of a friend. I Think I ...

hi my name is Vanessa i think i might be bisexual i can't stop thinking of my friend she aint bi she aint into that i need some help because i also like a guy but i almost never see him i dont know whats wrong with me i dont really like these feelings i think i started to feel this feeling when my both sisters got beat by there boyfriends and husbend and they already have kids and i feel that you suppose to treat a girl or women with respect and i feel that me as a girl can make a girl feel very special chubby or thin see and i feel that i will sometimes be a better person than the both guys and am a young girl i like guys but i think i got a thing for girls to i realy need help to know what i am i know i am romantic every one has told me that i like to write poems i even wrote one to that friend and i guess shes the only one who doesnt understand it it was so nice i even wrote a poem to the guy. the one i wrote to my freind was: your eyes are so brite they lite up my heart. every time you pass by all i hear is a harp. you and my friends you are the best. your a friend i can depend on i even i dedicated a song. to help you what i feel inside. thats all i can say there are no words i can explain to you anymore. so that was my poam please help me please please please.... i realy need your help to se what i am.

I love the idea of being with another girl, but ...

Hi :) I'm so confused. I've always had crushes on boys (on their personalities, not appearances), and now men, but when I get into a sexual situation with them, I just don't even want to touch them, and all I can think is 'how absurd'. With the few boyfriends I've had, once I've managed to 'get' them, I lose all interest. In contrast, I love the idea of being with another woman. I love everything to do with it - the emotional connection in particular. I get all tingly when I read lesbian love stories, and I feel deep down that that is what I want. But I haven't had crushes on women like I have with men. I think I may have been in love with a girl because I couldn't stop thinking about her for months, and I wanted to be around her more than anything else in the world. I wanted to kiss her and do everything else, too, but before anything could happen between us, life intervened. I'm worried that I love the idea of lesbian love so much that I'm just convincing myself that I might be bisexual of lesbian. I know that I'm attracted to personality rather than appearance, but I don't know what to think. Please please help.

I like a friend

Hi, my name is vanessa and i don't know if i am a bisexual or not i started to have these feelings since i went to middle school the first time and suddenly started to think differently i like guys but i think i also like girls i really don't know thats why i need some help i whanna know if i am bisexual i think i also like a friend because i am always thinking about her she's older and she ain't bisexual she always with me and she gets everything she wants because of me i'll give her everithing she wants because of that i really need some help to tell her if i am a bisexual or not and i help knowing if i am bisexual and if i like her please help me soon so i could know and how i could tell her please please i am desesperate to know

Wondering if I’m bisexual

Hi. I'm 14 years old just wondering if I'm bisexual. I know this sounds weird, but the thought of being bi sort of scares me. I have been pretty far with a guy (oral sex) and enjoyed it, but I often find myself thinking about girls. I have never kissed a girl or anything, but I think about it all the time. Do you think I'm bi or am I just exploring/experimenting.

I like this girl but how do I know she’s ...

Hi! I'm 18 and just now putting all the signs together that I am a lesbian, or at least bi. I have a crush on a girl I work with and I was just wondering the signs if she likes me...or if she's even bi or a lesbian. I would love to find out qualities or characteristics of a lesbian..even if they are myths..please catch me up!! :-)