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Is she slowly stealing my boyfriend’s attention from me?

So I've been been with my boyfriend for almost a year but I noticed that he started hanging out with a group of girls. One of the girls is one he used to like. At first I asked him what was up but he said nothing. After awhile i noticed that he hung out with a different girl in particular, if we are in class and he walks in, the first person he goes to is her.....then me. There was even a point where I wouldn't be able to find him and when I did, he'd be with them. I've tried not thinking anything about it but he just makes me wonder. I also think that the feelings are mutual because she always looks for him and today I was talking to a friend and I mentioned his name, she turned her head so fast, I could have sworn she got whiplash. I don't want to take his friends away from him but at the same time I want to know what the hell is up.

I never hated my gender, but I’ve never really liked ...

Hello, I'm a sixteen year old girl. I recently have started looking at Youtube videos of FTM people and have been suddenly entranced. I don't have the 'always liked boys stuff' stories that they have, but when I was younger I was outgoing and happy. I wore dresses and played with dolls, but I played sports and got the dresses dirty, and played 'zombies' with my headless Barbies. Then as I got older I started to retreat within myself. I talked a lot less and felt more and more uncomfortable with who I was. I never hated my gender, but I've never really liked who I was, I felt I should be different. Now I'm so confused. I do have a tendency to randomly give myself identities, trying to find myself. But I've never felt so confused or scared like this, and definitely never wanted to talk about it. I don't know what to do and I desperately need someone to understand. I know this road is so much harder and I am really scared. Any help would be appreciated.

Should I tell my ex-boyfriend about my abortion?

My ex and I are in the process of getting back together and I don't know if I should or how to tell him I had an abortion almost 3 months to the date. We broke up around this time last year, and after 4 months of moping round, I "out of the blue" ran into an old acquaintance... I slept with him that night, and a week into January of 08 I found out I was 7 weeks pregnant(my very fist time ever), it was a shock and not to mention HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? JASON AND I WERE SO CARELESS WHEN WE WERE TOGETHER AND WITH THIS GUY I GET PREGNANT? So, I made the choice alone and got the abortion. I cried, and I regret it and at the same time I don't. It was the right choice for me. When I see cute babies, I smile and I can't wait to have my very own, but I want to wait for the right guy.

Should I take hormones to become a girl?

I'm a girl trapped in a boy's body. I've only cross-dressed once, but it was the best feeling of my life! The thought of painting my nails and wearing make-up gives me amazing thrills. Is it a good idea to use horomones (when I'm in college) and completely and legally change my identity so that no one knows that i was John but was always Mckayla?

Article – Gay teens coming out: it’s talked about more, ...

It was a black, stretch-velvet dress that outed Shawn Fowler at the age of 14. Hours earlier, the sexy number had been tucked secretly away in his bedroom - along with a wig, lipstick and mascara. Yet there was his sister, sashaying through his grandparents' house, only she was donning the frock.

Is my boyfriend still in love with me?

I have an egyptian boyfriend and love him so much and I felt that he loved me too before he went on vacation. Since he came back from his vacation I feel he is different. He is not the same as before. He has obviously changed. Many times I attempted to ask him what is going on, but he has told me nothing as of yet. I caught him lying, e.g. he asked me to use my PC because he wanted to chat with his mother & sisters late at night, but when I woke up I saw somebody, a lady, stripping on web cam. And I heard him whispering on the phone, saying I MISS YOU A LOT; he also said I LOVE YOU, and that hurt me so much. When I asked him about it, he just told me he was joking. I also think this woman is his neighbour. On the other hand, he told me he doesn't love this girl, and that he loves me very much. But now I don't know if he is telling me the truth, because every time I ask him about her, he gets angry and asks me why I don't believe him. My question is: is he still in love with me, or did he totally change?

I am straight, but I am questioning whether I’m attracted ...

I've lately begun to wonder if what I feel for one of my closest friends is more than just friendship. Sometimes I think I'd like to kiss her, but other times, I feel nothing sexual at all. I'm not worried about how she would receive this, as I know she has been attracted to women before, and very much supports the LGBT community. Right now, I'm just so confused about how I actually feel about her. I do tend to seek her approval a lot, and when she praises me, I feel absurdly pleased with it. On the other hand, up until very recently, I'd never even seriously considered if I might be even bisexual, and I'm not sure if what I'm feeling for her is genuine attraction, or just a little girl crush. What should I do?

I am worried I might be a lesbian

I am worried I might be a lesbian. I like these girls but I don't know if I just look up to them or if I really like them in that way. I don't want to be though. I have always dreamed of growing up with my husband and having kids and living a wonderful life. I go to an all-girls camp for eight weeks also. So I don't know if that would influence it or not. I am only thirteen though so I don't know if you can tell by then. I would appreciate it if you would just give me some background and tell me your thoughts. Thanks a lot!