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My partner is asexual and I’m not. How can we ...

I feel kinda awkward asking this but there aren’t many ressources so I think this is my best shot. I’m trans and my bf is also trans. We are in a long distance relationship. He’s asexual and I’m not however he’s pretty okay with having sex he just doesn’t get anything out of it and he prefers kinky things then actual sex. We’ve tried a few things but I wanna find a way I can make both me and him happy sexually dépiste being far apart. Any suggestions on how to do that in long distance relationships ?

How can you maintain a long-distance relationship ?

Hi, My name is Sarah. I am bisexual and have a friend I am in love with. Though she is not yet my girlfriend, she is also in love with me. The problem is the distance between us. I live in England and her parents have now made her move to Canada. I miss her so much and don't know how to keep our relationship going, knowing we will not be able to see each other for a long time. Do you think you could help me keep our relationship going?