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I have clear white liquid coming from my vagina, and ...

I'm a 36 year old married woman. Last month I did not have my monthly period, due to the tension related to my father-in-law's death, but later it came when I took medicine from a doctor. After one week of my period, a clear white liquid has been flowing slowly from my vagina. What is it? It's happening when I don't think or feel anything sexual. Can you give me some advice?

I am worried about a transparent liquid (lubricant type) that ...

I have been talking to my girlfriend over the phone for quite some time now. When we do talk about love or sex my penis gets erect (I think this is normal). What I am worried about is a transparent liquid (lubricant type) that comes out of my penis when it starts going back to its normal state. I sometimes think that this liquid could be just "Precum" which is a lubricant that comes out of the penis after the penis gets erected. But I am not very sure of this. I am 27 years of age and never had any sexual intercourse with anyone. Could you please tell me what this liquid is and is it normal to have such a thing? Many Thanks, Dhruva

Is it safe to swallow my partner’s vaginal fluid?

I am lesbian and during sex, I always swallow the liquid from my partner vagina. But now I am starting to worry… is this dangerous for my health? Does the action of swallowing this liquid have long-term consequences on my health? My partner cleans herself with antibacterial soap, but my question is related to the liquid that comes out during an orgasm. Thank you for answering my question