Am I bisexual because I want a relationship with a ...

I am currently fifteen and this August turning sixteen. In the past two years or so I have started being fiscally attracted to other men and sometimes I fantasize having sex in the future with men. I think I am straight because I have always wanted to have a wife with kids and have a family but I am not fiscally attracted to women. But i still haven't been in a relationship with a girl or a boy. I am confused about my sexuality. Am I gay because I am attracted more to them and not girls. Am I bi because I want a relationship with a girl but I will be down to try with a boy. Or am I just not ready to accept what my sexuality is?

Facing Harassment

As LGBT youth, we face an incredible challenge growing up in a society that is anti-queer. Self-confidence and self-esteem are hard to maintain under these circumstances. The pressure and stress of having to face a range of negative reactions - from parents, friends, society in general or ourselves - have led to some LGBT youth facing higher health risks.