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Is my boyfriend still in love with me?

I have an egyptian boyfriend and love him so much and I felt that he loved me too before he went on vacation. Since he came back from his vacation I feel he is different. He is not the same as before. He has obviously changed. Many times I attempted to ask him what is going on, but he has told me nothing as of yet. I caught him lying, e.g. he asked me to use my PC because he wanted to chat with his mother & sisters late at night, but when I woke up I saw somebody, a lady, stripping on web cam. And I heard him whispering on the phone, saying I MISS YOU A LOT; he also said I LOVE YOU, and that hurt me so much. When I asked him about it, he just told me he was joking. I also think this woman is his neighbour. On the other hand, he told me he doesn't love this girl, and that he loves me very much. But now I don't know if he is telling me the truth, because every time I ask him about her, he gets angry and asks me why I don't believe him. My question is: is he still in love with me, or did he totally change?

My sex ed teacher says homosexuals came from the devil, ...

Okay, so in 8th grade we wen't through the dreaded Sex education class. The lady they hired said she was open for any and all questions after we had spent a week on hetrosexual sex, and relationships. My best friend, who is gay had a question about Him and his boyfriend, because the question had not been brought up, nor even hinted about he raised his hand. He wanted to know what stds were most common with gay couples, and how him and his boyfriend should approach having sex when the time came. She replied that Homosexuals came from the devil and that it was against god to talk about such things. Why did the school see it okay to talk about the same situation with a hetrosexual couple but not a homosexual?