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Am I bisexual?

I think I might be bisexual; I have had fantasies about both men and women, but never really been in a relationship before so I have nothing to compare. I have a friend who is bi and I become uncomfortable if her & her boyfriend start making out, and I'm also uncomfortable changing in front of other women. My mother is Catholic and my family is very clear about their stand on the gay community; and I know that's clouding my judgment. I've never really felt a strong attraction to either sex (at least not that I'm aware of; I lie to myself a lot -is this normal?), but if my dad & brother are watching porn (straight & lesbian) in the room when I'm working on the computer I'll criticize it and pretend to be disgusted but watch it from the corner of my eye. For years I've been questioning my sexuality..... My friend is very open about what she thinks about women's looks and I get uncomfortable when she asks my opinion; I want to agree most of the time but am afraid to... Please help me sort this out.