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I think about kissing my friend, I like her alot

I find guys attractive to an extent and enjoy doing things with them (though I have not slept with one). However there is one girl who is a friend of mine and I like her way more than a friend; I have had suspicions that she may be bi but she denies it. I have never done anything with another girl but I have dreamt about kissing her and I am confused I think about her alot. - Rebecca

I’m confused, could I be a lesbian?

I like guys a lot and stuff but they can be really mean and girls are so affectionate and gentle.  Every time a girl kisses me or tries to get close to me, i get this feeling never felt before.  I don't wanna be a lesbian, i'd hate myself if i was and it's embarassing but it's always on my mind to try and experience it.  Could it be that i am a lesbian?