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Making out with my lesbian friend who has a girlfriend

I am a 16 year old male and I love a lesbian. She is 15. She has a Girlfriend for about 3 months now. She has not all ways been a lesbian but I respect her decision and I love her very much. I have not met her girlfriend yet because she lives in a different state. At one point she dated my best friend, a guy before she dated this girl. She was raped at the age of 12 by a probably 30 year old man. She said I am amazing guy and if she was into guys she would date me. One night about a week ago she spent the night at my house. We played around a little. We flirted, cuddled, kissed, necked and I sucked on her nipple and rubbed her down there. After that we felt guilty because she is still dating her girlfriend. She told me to just forget about what happened that night. I'm wondering she is like truly a lesbian. I am also wonder if me and her can ever be in a relationship.

My sperm is sometimes transparent; does this mean I am ...

I have noticed that my sperm is sometimes clear, almost transparent. I have been on risperidone consta injection for 6 months: is this to be expected with this medication? My partner and I are trying to have a baby; does the colour of my sperm indicate that I am infertile?

My parents won’t let me date before I turn 15

This is Katie again...the one who asked how come my boyfriend doesn't treat me like his other girlfriends. Your answer helped me a lot. He was my first kiss and the first guy I've held hands with...I really like him a lot...but something has come up... I'm turning 15 in a 2 months. My parents won't allow me to date until I turn 15 and even then we can't go to the movies or anything until a couple months after he has been to my house and hanged out with my parents and family. My sister found out today that I've been dating him for over a month now. She says I have to break up with him until I turn 15 and he is allowed to date other girls in the meantime. I'm crying about it because he is the only guy that I've dated that I've liked this much before. I'm scared that if I tell him this, he will soon move on and find another girl and by the time I do get to date it will be too late. I just don't want to let him go this way.I care about him way too much for this..What can I do? Josh is the only guy I've liked this much

I want to know if my friend likes me!

I'm a 27 year old gay college male and I am attracted to a 17 year old German exchange student at school. When we first met, I saw him as a friend but as time passed, I developed feelings for him, and now I want him as my boyfriend. Also, he was really nice to me when I first met him, but now I think he just used me to give him tours of the town. He asked for my msn and he never talks to me on msn. Our friendship is based on technology because I'm always busy and so is he, we text each other sometimes, rarely talk on msn unless we're meeting up or call each other on cell. We had our first outing and he kept on joking how I should be a drag queen and I went along with the joke. I don't know what this means though. Also, I tested him by trying to kiss him and he pushed me away real hard and gave me a serious look. This was our first outing together...maybe I was going too fast? I've known him for 3 months, but it seems like we've known each other for 1 week with this type of technological communication. I want to know if he likes me!

Under what circumstances would a man get very nervous about ...

Under what circumstances would a man get very nervous about a male friend he has known over 30 years? He said he does not like his friend's behavior. He talked several times about his friend and he told me he was very frustrated that his male friend did not get him a good 40th birthday present. Why is that? He says his friend is being is being a bad friend. Why? I asked him if his friend has a wife, but he ignored the question. Why? I need help. I still love him a lot but I really need to know the truth. What to do and what to ask? He is a very sensitive person and I am afraid he might be upset if I don't phrase the question properly. I would appreciate your opinion on this.

I am scared of being bisexual because my parents would ...

Hi, my name is Bailey. For some reason, I just enjoy watching lesbian interaction, such as kissing. But I have had boyfriends and enjoyed my relationships with them. I truly think I am bisexual but I am scared of being one because my parents disapprove this very thought. What should I do?