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I am gay and I am criticized in my country ...

Hello , I'm a gay guy from Tunisia and I have some problems being gay! A lot of people even at school criticize the way I talk and walk and they're staring at me all the time. Besides,I have sexual urges and I want to have sex but I can't find sex partners to do it so I gave up and I became addicted to masturbation and gay porn movies. In my country, Tunisia, even gay and sexual websites are censored ! Sometimes , I think of committing suicide and it will be over ... What should I do and can I contact any organizations abroad to help me travel and live abroad legally? I have heard about this gay guy who left Tunisia to the U.S in 2003 after getting help from a L.G.B.T organisation. Please I need your help!

Should I tell my ex-boyfriend about my abortion?

My ex and I are in the process of getting back together and I don't know if I should or how to tell him I had an abortion almost 3 months to the date. We broke up around this time last year, and after 4 months of moping round, I "out of the blue" ran into an old acquaintance... I slept with him that night, and a week into January of 08 I found out I was 7 weeks pregnant(my very fist time ever), it was a shock and not to mention HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? JASON AND I WERE SO CARELESS WHEN WE WERE TOGETHER AND WITH THIS GUY I GET PREGNANT? So, I made the choice alone and got the abortion. I cried, and I regret it and at the same time I don't. It was the right choice for me. When I see cute babies, I smile and I can't wait to have my very own, but I want to wait for the right guy.

Does my teacher have the right to disclose my sexual ...

Hi, my name is Catherine. About 6 months ago, I came out as having feelings for girls, and there was this girl who I really liked and she told me she liked me as well : we have now been together for about 5 months now. However, the problem is that many people at my school found out about our relationship, though they are fine with it now. Another problem is that I go to boarding school and my housemistress found out, and now she seems to be picking on me and the other girl and threatening to tell my father who is against anything like that. I wanted to know if she has the right to do that?

I am scared of being bisexual because my parents would ...

Hi, my name is Bailey. For some reason, I just enjoy watching lesbian interaction, such as kissing. But I have had boyfriends and enjoyed my relationships with them. I truly think I am bisexual but I am scared of being one because my parents disapprove this very thought. What should I do?

My girlfriend thinks I’m too clingy

I'm in the beginning of a relationship with a girl that I really like but I just got a tip from one of her friends that she feels I'm too clingy (which is also the reason my last real relationship ended). I feel my big problem with girls is that if I like them I get too clingy. How do I become less clingy towards a girl and can you please give me some examples to work from because everything I'm reading on the subject doesn't help me unless they tell me different examples and dilemmas. Thanks for the help.

Can you tell me more about bisexuals ?

hi ... mine name is geraldine , i'm only 13 ... i'm not sure that i'm a lesbian or whatever stuff i'm meant ... i look at boys in school , they cute XD but , i look at gals too ... don't know why also! they look even cuter than guys .. annd i always wanted a second look ... now ... i think i'm crushing on this gal ... i wanted to know more about her ... but i'm not sure too ....could you tell me more about bisexual stuff PLS i'm cluless!

What is my friend thinking about me?

Well.. this happened two years ago, I have this close friend of mine (we've been friends for 4 years) that I accidentally confessed to her that "I like her" (actually she already knew that I liked her, she just pushed me to fess up)and since then, she started ignoring me! Argh! Those were the painful days. Y_Y But now that I'm over her (well some what over her), I finally told her everything from being a confused lesbian and how it is a sin in my religion and all, she said she accepted me from who I am. We became friends again and I am VERY happy with it. But my question is...why did she accepted me just now? Why did she let me wait and suffer those 2 years? We didn't talk the way we used to, she never laughs at my jokes, she completely ignored me. And NOW, how come she's being close to me? TOO close to me that it kind of makes me think that she "might" like me. I don't get her sometimes, did she just want attention? Or did she just simply miss me and how i used to make her laugh? I am desperate for some advice! She's driving me crazy! Thanks and more POWER!!! - Sherica