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How do you ask a friend to have sex with ...

I am a 19 yr old male and have never had sex before although I have had a few girlfriends in the past. Right now I don't know what is happening to me... I really want to have sex and I don't care if it's with a girl that I'm dating or anyone else. The first person that comes to my mind is a friend of mine who may still have feelings for me. She's still a virgin and of my age and talks to me about how she gets turned on easily by guys, etc. and I know that she wants to have sex as well but I just don't know if she still has feelings for me. Either way it could backfire so I just wanted to know if you could help me figure out how I can ask her to have sex. Thanks a lot.

I have a boyfriend but I am Muslim and cannot ...

My question is simple, but hard. As you can see I am from an Islamic country & so I can't have a boyfriend. But I still do and I love him. Me & my BF met online and have been together for a year. But because I am muslim I am not allowed to go out without my family, & on top of that, I don't have a mobile phone. So I've never seen my BF for the past year, & I only talked to him maybe 10 times from my friend's mobile. I can't go out with my friends either so there's no chance of seeing him. I feel like he's sick of me. What should I do?

How can I tell if this girl likes me ?

How can i tell if a girl likes me when i see her in the halls she passes me by and waves "hi" to me sometimes and sometimes she ignores me like she doesn't see me but im pretty sure she does and she smiles at me and last time she started playing with my hair but she has a boyfriend but i guess that maybe she is bi does she like me or not?

Am I really bisexual or is it just sex ?

I am a 14 year old male. I have liked girls all of my life. I first came across homosexuality when I was around 11. One of my friends would joke about being gay. He would do little things with me and I wanted to do more, but I didn't think I was gay. I have done things (not intercourse) with 2 boys since then and neither of them are gay. Now I am really confused because I like this gay guy, but not in the way I like girls. At first, I hated how he had a poofy voice (going along with everyone elses opinion about gay people). But I didn't bully him about it or anything. Then, after telling him that I thought another gay guy liked him, he said, "Just because you're jealous I have a boyfriend." Ever since then, I have had feelings for him that I don't really want to have. When I think about hot girls, I think about sex. When I think about hot guys, I think about sex. But when I think about girls I really like, I think about relationships. Am I really bisexual or just desperate for sex? Thanks

I love the idea of being with another girl, but ...

Hi :) I'm so confused. I've always had crushes on boys (on their personalities, not appearances), and now men, but when I get into a sexual situation with them, I just don't even want to touch them, and all I can think is 'how absurd'. With the few boyfriends I've had, once I've managed to 'get' them, I lose all interest. In contrast, I love the idea of being with another woman. I love everything to do with it - the emotional connection in particular. I get all tingly when I read lesbian love stories, and I feel deep down that that is what I want. But I haven't had crushes on women like I have with men. I think I may have been in love with a girl because I couldn't stop thinking about her for months, and I wanted to be around her more than anything else in the world. I wanted to kiss her and do everything else, too, but before anything could happen between us, life intervened. I'm worried that I love the idea of lesbian love so much that I'm just convincing myself that I might be bisexual of lesbian. I know that I'm attracted to personality rather than appearance, but I don't know what to think. Please please help.