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Can masturbation affect your health?

I always feel like masturbating, as it gives me a lot of pleasure, but sometimes I fight myself to stop masturbating, because I think it will affect my health. I think it will make me weaker and thinner, because I want to do body building, and if I am thin how can I have a muscular body? Is it true that masturbating will affect me in that way?

What do we know about the history of AIDS in ...

The official scientific history regarding AIDS began in the summer of 1981. Scientific journals noted cases of a rare type of pneumonia (PCP) and Kaposi's Sarcoma (KS) amongst several groups of gay men living in large cities. These diseases are normally non-existent since a healthy immune system is able to protect people from them, yet their appearance in these gay men, who seemed to be in perfect health, suggested that something about this specific group contributed to a reduction in their immune system. This syndrome was subsequently named GRID (gay-related immune disorder).