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My partner and I carry the oral herpes virus, but ...

Hi! I want to have unprotected oral sex with my partner, but we've both had cold sores before at some point in our life, therefore, we carry the oral herpes virus. I know that having oral sex during a herpes outbreak is an absolute no-no, but I was wondering, how high (or low) is the risk of giving my partner the genital herpes virus when I don't have any oral outbreaks (or vice versa) and we have unprotected oral sex? FYI: my partner and I are monogamous and long-term.

Do I have herpes?

Hi....quick question. I have this spot on my tail bone. I noticed it about a year ago. It was a little bump that was very, very itchy. It went away, and because of the location I never questioned if it was an STI. Occasionally it will pop up again and itch, only this time I noticed that now there are two bumps. I started looking online, and am now wondering if it could possibly be herpes. What has me wondering though is that I have never had any sores or itching anywhere else. Also, I have been tested for STI's because of some surgery I needed, but do the doctors usually include herpes in the tests? And one last thing...I accidently touched my eye after touching the bump, and although the bump was almost healed, what are the chances of spreading it if it is herpes? Thanks so much...

Do I have herpes or another sexual transmited disease (STD)?

I went to the doctor because during sex my fiancé rubbed 2 raw spots on me. When the doctor looked she didn't say I had anything but that because of the area she wanted to run a test. I have no symptoms at all of herpes but I am freaking out and need some advice because now my fiancé thinks otherwise and I know I have only been with him for 5 some years. HELP