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Is there no way to give up homosexuality?

I am gay, but I don't want to be because my family hates gay people... I figure I could be gay for a long time now but I have been living in denial all my life, and it has taken my life away. I am always depressed and I used to cut myself, though I don't do that anymore. I am always angry at my parents, and I do whatever it takes just to make friends. I've already asked the "what if i turned out gay" question to my mom and stepdad, and both said that it wouldn't be a good thing for me to be gay. They said it was unnatural for two men to be together. Unfortunately I feel the same way. Is there no way to give up homosexuality? Of note, if it is a treatment that involves Jesus, I am not interested. I don't believe in "God" or "Jesus Christ" in any way, shape, or form. If there is truly no treatment, then I guess the guilt will get to me eventually.

Story – Spring Has Sprung

Ah! That unmistakable spring air! After a long winter of working out and firming up, the streets of Montreal become a veritable sidewalk fruit stand with scantily clad boys and girls walking down Ste-Catherine Street, strutting their stuff. What exactly are these people trying to hide by showing it all? Where are all the real people ?