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I am bisexual, and people don’t seem to be able ...

I am a Bi girl, but ever since I let people in my gym class know, they all seem to hate me even more than before! They say everything I do is wrong! My neighbor is doing that, but also my friend. Every time we fight he tells me 'Go away, you bisexual freak!' A lot of my friends are bi as well and I have a girlfriend, but it seems so hard for people to accept me! I also can't tell my mom because she thinks I am too young to decide about my sexuality. What should I do?

The ‘Gaydar’ – An Urban Legend?

Who's gay? Who's lesbian? Who's straight? Who's not? Can we tell by just looking? Is there really some special way that homosexuals can recognize another in a crowded room, gym, or mall? Straight people are curious and often mystified. "How do you know?" they ask. "I just do," I respond confidently. Read more on the legend about the 'Gaydar'