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I have a boyfriend but I am Muslim and cannot ...

My question is simple, but hard. As you can see I am from an Islamic country & so I can't have a boyfriend. But I still do and I love him. Me & my BF met online and have been together for a year. But because I am muslim I am not allowed to go out without my family, & on top of that, I don't have a mobile phone. So I've never seen my BF for the past year, & I only talked to him maybe 10 times from my friend's mobile. I can't go out with my friends either so there's no chance of seeing him. I feel like he's sick of me. What should I do?

I think my teacher is attracted to me.

I think my teacher is attracted to me. I am just confused with how he is acting around me; he is the type of teacher everybody loves, makes fun of everybody and is known for being a hardass towards his students (regardless of their gender), but once I got to know him I realized that there was something very different about the way he acted towards me. He stares at me constantly when I'm in his class; he grants me different privileges over other students; he asks me about my love life; and I know he is trying hard not to cross any lines, and I just really need to know how to act around him. Help?