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Does my teacher has a crush on me?

In grade 9 I had this teacher who was female, like me. Anyway she is really hot blonde tall and sexy. Now I hated her to start of because she was a sport teacher. Anyway she was put down to be my tutor in grade 10. Anyway we didn't start of to well, she and i basically faught all the time. After a while i started to like her and I could tell she like me. She would stick up for me, when I got into trouble by other teachers, she would always comment on how beautiful I was, and say you look gorgous today. I would always seem to catch her looking at me, and she would always touch, either being on the shoulder or head. She always smiled at me and would laugh with me, when I told her jokes and stuff. After a while we became pretty close, she would start giving me lifts home. At this point i was pretty confused about my sexuality, i liked guys heaps and wasn't attracted to any other girls but her. Anway one day, she and I looked at each other in her car for about 30 sec, it was the most intence time in my life. I really liked her and would often fantasise about her. When i left my school, to go to college, she cryed and gave me a hug, I cryed with her, in fact i bauled! I was so upset, i couldn't stop thinking about her. Anyway grade 12 came along and I saw her, and she and I talked for ages. Anyway before i left she said to me 'your still as gorgous as ever!' she went bright red! i was so embarrassed. Did she have feeling for me?? or was she just really nice. Ohh and when ever I enterded a room, she would always stop her conversation and stare at me, and smile and look me up and down.