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What if I stay in this relationship for the rest ...

I've been in a relationship with a queer female person for a year now. I've never been in any other relationship. We're in a very happy and healthy relationship together. But, I'm worried about the future. What if I stay in this relationship for the rest of my life, and never have any experiences with other people, or with people of other genders? I feel badly for thinking this way, but the both of us starting CEGEP has me thinking of my future. My partner and I talk about everything, but I don't want her to feel like I don't want to be with her by telling her this. Though they're very supportive of my queerness, my parents might like the idea of me "trying a relationship with a boy too", so I feel like they aren't the best people to ask. And I have no queer adults in my life to look up to who. I don't know what I should do or who I should talk to.

I imagine myself as a lesbian – am I transsexual?

Hey, I'm  a 15 year old male and I'm really confused. I have always considered myself a normal boy, as a kid I liked playing with action figures and plastic army men. I have always been moderately masculine, and I'm comfortable with my gender. I've never had any homosexual thoughts. However, when I fantasize, nothing is as pleasuring to me as imagining that I am a lesbian, usually the one being dominated. I do get aroused by boy/girl fantasies (As long as I'm the boy, rather than some stranger). I don't have any desire to dress in womens clothing, but I did once when I was a kid. I'm comfortable with my body. The only problem is that I fantasize about being a lesbian. Am I transsexual? Thanks for the help. P.S Holy crap is there something wrong with the validation code? It took my like 30 tries to get it right.

Age gap and bisexuality

I'm feeling confused. I have a crush on a guy right now, but he's unattainable. A few months back I had a crush on a girl. This was the first time I felt this way and it was a very strong crush. I wished I could have pursued that, but she's my friend and I knew she wouldn't feel the same way as I felt toward her. Anyway, I don't know who I'm attracted to anymore. I'm not going to label myself just yet, which leaves me in a state of not really knowing a large part of myself. I don't like that. That's not my only problem. I wish to be in a relationship again. I miss having a boyfriend there for me. I miss being able to "touch" him even if it's a simple hug. I would really like that, but the thing is I'm not attracted to anyone my age, girl or guy. I like one person, as I've stated before, but he's a teacher. Sometimes I feel he's the only thing keeping me on the "home team". I don't care if I turn out to be Bisexual, Lesbian or whatever I just want to know: What do I do now?

Why do I find men SO physically unappealing?

I am soon to be 45 and I am self-identified as a lesbian. The reason I have decided that I am a lesbian is because I don't like male biology---from the daily smegma accumulations, to the viscuous, invasive fluids, hard bodies, to the rather cold and analytical manner of relating to others which is governed by testosterone.. Don't get me wrong. I don't hate men. I just can't embrace our differences to like them romantically. My question is, and if you could give this answer more insight than you think I am asking for....; If you could tell me why heterosexual women like these (in my estimation) unappealing attributes.

I never hated my gender, but I’ve never really liked ...

Hello, I'm a sixteen year old girl. I recently have started looking at Youtube videos of FTM people and have been suddenly entranced. I don't have the 'always liked boys stuff' stories that they have, but when I was younger I was outgoing and happy. I wore dresses and played with dolls, but I played sports and got the dresses dirty, and played 'zombies' with my headless Barbies. Then as I got older I started to retreat within myself. I talked a lot less and felt more and more uncomfortable with who I was. I never hated my gender, but I've never really liked who I was, I felt I should be different. Now I'm so confused. I do have a tendency to randomly give myself identities, trying to find myself. But I've never felt so confused or scared like this, and definitely never wanted to talk about it. I don't know what to do and I desperately need someone to understand. I know this road is so much harder and I am really scared. Any help would be appreciated.

I have a straight friend who is now questioning her ...

I am attracted to females and always have been. I met this girl who is straight and we became friends but she did not know I was attracted to females. We stopped talking for a year because I told her I was attracted to her. Now a year passed by and she came back telling me she may be attracted to me but doesn't know. That she wants to see where things may go. Any clue why will a straight person do this? I'm confused!

I am androgynous and pansexual, but how do I communicate ...

Not to long ago I discovered that I was androgynous which was honestly the happiest day of my life. I've never felt so good to understand who I am. I'm also pansexual. But not a lot of people are familiar with these terms. A lot of people seem to blindly say things against who I am. I don't blame them for not knowing about androygnous but I do still hurt when they use words like daugther or girls or boys. I mean why must I choose a side? I just don't know how to get people to understand exactly what I mean. It's so hard to explain to them why I'm androygnous. I mean I didn't choose to be it I just chose to accept it and now I must try and and live with it and get by with all these questions like "please check male or female for your gender" I mean what do I pick? I'm reminded every time I sign up for something or even when I'm shopping in both "men" and "women" sides of the store. I don't know what to do anymore? How do I make this huge part of me known?!

I don’t want to be considered a boy or a ...

I would not like to be considered a boy or a girl. I am not sexually attracted to just boys or just girls, in fact neither. I feel as though physical attraction can turn me on and I do enjoy "sex" (or in my case masturbation). However I feel confused as to what this exactly means. I don't feel as though I should be judged upon my sex. I feel comfort in feeling as though I fit into a group but right now I'm more or less just outside any group circles. I've searched for a word to describe me to others, instead of having to say this every time. So what exactly am I? I've never been sexually attracted to male or female parts. Because I am still a virgin, people think this is just a phase or I haven't experienced life enough to know but I know this is who I am, its just all so confusing! I just wish I could scream out at the top of my lungs exactly who I am, but what am I?