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I think there is something wrong with my libido

I have been with my boyfriend for a few months now, and I do everything but sex with him, like I hardly ever feel horny and I don't know why. I really want to have sex with him and have done it before with him. I just want to know why I won't do it every night, and I never do anything to him, he always gives me all the pleasure and I wantto give him pleasure but I don't know what's up, so please help me!!

Is it usual to still doubt my sexual orientation if ...

Hi! Since I was 15, I knew I like other men. I've been with about 10 different women, and I like it. However, sometimes I feel I like men a bit, and even I feel that I could prefer men to women. I thought that I was bisexual, and even that I could be gay. Last summer, I had sex again with a different guy, and this time I like it but less. I started to think I preferred women; however again I'm feeling attracted to other men. I think I'm not able to feel sometimes attracted to men, and then to women. This is too confusing for me. I often feel that if I have no girlfriend it could be just because I'm gay, however then I think it's not true because sometimes I feel really attracted to women. What can I do? How can I do how to act? Should I have to still being straight? Should I have to be b or gay? Is there any way to know better what I really feel? Is it usual to feel sometimes one thing and then the opposite one (gay/straight)? Is it usual to still doubt if I'm 19? I'm so confused! Thanks – Jaime

My sexual fantasies are confusing me. Help!

I'm really confused about my sexuality. I'm a male and I've always emotionally liked woman, I've already dated some and i really had pleasure and orgasms with them except when it comes to real sex. I usually get excited while masturbating with lesbian sex, and also with male gay sex. As I get excited imagining gay scenes I am really confused about my sexuality. I never got excited with male friends or other any other man I see. Please help me and thank you very much! - Marcelio

Story – From Blood Red to Noble Purple

The muggy air embraced them as they stepped beyond the clamourous din of the club; the rhythm of the music continued from somewhere behind them as they stumbled toward the road. Around them, clouds of cigarette smoke looped in strands and swirls like the silky ribbons on a young girl's new Sunday dress: innocent and elegant in their light-hearted parade. The scent of newly-lit weed accompanied the tobacco's stale odour, mingling and blending with the smell of alcohol.