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What is my friend thinking about me?

Well.. this happened two years ago, I have this close friend of mine (we've been friends for 4 years) that I accidentally confessed to her that "I like her" (actually she already knew that I liked her, she just pushed me to fess up)and since then, she started ignoring me! Argh! Those were the painful days. Y_Y But now that I'm over her (well some what over her), I finally told her everything from being a confused lesbian and how it is a sin in my religion and all, she said she accepted me from who I am. We became friends again and I am VERY happy with it. But my question is...why did she accepted me just now? Why did she let me wait and suffer those 2 years? We didn't talk the way we used to, she never laughs at my jokes, she completely ignored me. And NOW, how come she's being close to me? TOO close to me that it kind of makes me think that she "might" like me. I don't get her sometimes, did she just want attention? Or did she just simply miss me and how i used to make her laugh? I am desperate for some advice! She's driving me crazy! Thanks and more POWER!!! - Sherica