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What is happening to me ? I love my boyfriend, ...

hi! my name is laura and i m 19 years old. i have a problem with my sexuallity. i like men. i have slept with my boyfriend many times and i have enjoyed it. i am in love with him. i have had a friend who is atracted to both male and female. after having her story heard, i have thought about it many times. i have tried to get the thought out of my head but it keeps on bothering me. i don't feel comfortable when thinknig about women. i feel disgusted but yet i orgasm. i would never go to bed with a women and it doesn't seem like love to me. i don't feel happy when thinknig about women touching me but i can not get the thought out of my head. i feel special and sexually attracted to my boyfriend and am planning to get married after college to him. why do you think i orgasm when thinking about a women touching me but i don't like it? i tried touching a women but i hated it! i felt disgusted. what do you think is happening? i love my boyfriend and i don't love women so why is this bothering me ?

I like my best friend but he may be gay

I'm a female and a junior in high school right now. In freshman year I started liking my best friend Ben. Things have been intensifying over the past two years and I always thought Ben was flirting with me. He would touch me, play with my hair, and hint at things like kissing me and dating. Then, 2 weeks ago, Ben was asked on a date by another girl. He called me for advice and, though it killed me, told him to go for it. He told me he didn't want to and it was very complicated. I asked him why and jokingly asked him if he was gay. He surprisingly answered with an "I think I might be." What do I do so as not to ruin our friendship? Why did I like him so much? Why did he flirt with me? And most of all, why didn't he tell me sooner? I could have gotten over him a lot easier if he had told me last year. I mean, we are BEST FRIENDS and I would die without him. The only problem is, him being my best friend, I have no one else to talk to about this. I'm the only one he's come out to.

There’s this girl at my work who always smiles at ...

There's this girl at my work who always smiles at me and stares a lot and we are very comfortable with each other and I don't know if she likes me but I'm getting that vibe, but there's this other person at my job who likes me a lot but I don't like them in that way and the girl at my work always teases me about that person..saying "aww its your lover...you guys are so cute"..blah blah. She does this all day everyday and teases me about them..knowing that I really don't like that person at all! and it kind of makes me think she's jealous and wants me or something...do you think I'm getting that vibe or am I crazy..lol..Please help. Thanks!

Am I bisexual?

Hi I'm confused about my sexuality you see I like girls but I also have liked guys, but not in a relationship kind of way. I just like there bodies and sometimes I wish I had a body like that, is it just jealousy I'm feeling? Another thing, a friend who is bisexual wants to give me oral, but he just wanted to do it for fun and pleasure nothing serious and I said yes, I'm so stupid I think. Should I do this and experiment? I am also worried that if I do it, it may change my sexual preference for ever. I can choose not to do it, it's just oral not anal or anything like that... I also thought and heard that teens usually experiment with this kind of stuff, but I'm really confused about my sexuality. I still like chicks and would love to have sex with one and I love to get romantic with them and that type of stuff but could never be romantic with a guy or have that type of relationship. Please help me!!!!

Is this normal to think like this?

I need some advice on how to deal with my issues. I am really attracted to guys and have always gone further with guys than girls. But then I think about what would it be like to do something with someone of the same sex as me. What should I do? Is this normal to think like this? Also, there is this one someone that is always on my mind and I can't stop thinking about them, but I have tried to tell myself to get rid of those feelings. Do you have some advice? - Carla

How can I help my friend with suicidal ideas?

Hello. It happens quite often that I have to cheer up someone who's depressed or even suicidal because of his/her sexual orientation. I wouldn't consider myself the best person for these kinds of things, and at times, I wonder if I really helped them or if I actually made matters worse... What can one do or say to someone who is not comfortable in their skin with respect to his/her sexuality as a gay man or as a lesbian, especially if they/re suicidal? Thanks so much.

I’m confused, could I be a lesbian?

I like guys a lot and stuff but they can be really mean and girls are so affectionate and gentle.  Every time a girl kisses me or tries to get close to me, i get this feeling never felt before.  I don't wanna be a lesbian, i'd hate myself if i was and it's embarassing but it's always on my mind to try and experience it.  Could it be that i am a lesbian?