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I had a wet dream about a boy and it ...

Hi there, I’ve been tormented by multiple mental problems over the last 2 months including depression, anxiety and I started questioning my own sexuality but the way it started was weird. I have never in my life questioned my sexuality or felt any romantic or sexual feelings towards other men but one night In July I had what you would call a wet dream about a friend who I kinda don’t like. After that dream I woke up with a boner and I was scared to death. Now fast forward a little bit and I find myself trying out different things, first I just tried to ignore it but that didn’t help. I couldn’t get hard thinking about women at all and “I” was only aroused by homosexual content. I wrote “I” because it was like I had 2 conflicting personalities, My own personality was disgusted and repulsed by the idea of me being with another man but the other me was aroused by it. A few weeks went by like this and I started being able to be turned on by females again but I couldn’t shake the other thing off and whenever I thought about my sexuality, it would reset me to point 1 and I would have to do it all over again. Then some weeks later it felt like it was over and I would get turned on by women again and not men anymore but somehow I began thinking about it again and now I’m back at the problems again and I can’t escape it. All I’ve ever wanted in life is a normal and natural life with a wife and 100% me and my wife’s own kid, and I still want that. I would literally do anything to go back and everything besides my dick is saying no to all this bullshit. I’ve read so many articles and forum post that I’m confused at to what the problem is and no, it has nothing to do with “coming out”. my family and friends would a 100% accept me if I was gay or anything. I would rather isolate myself than be gay or mainly attracted to men. I’ve only met resistance In life and now this too? I might blow my brains out Jesus.

Am I too clingy ?

Basically my girlfriends best friend said that I was being too clingy so I asked her and she said that she understands why I am. We only really get to hang out during school and that's only during passing time and lunch. We rarely see each other during the weekend and when we do it's usually because I'm visiting her during work. Most of my male friends don't see it as clingy. I hold her by the waist and stuff and I ask to go places she goes, but I rarely get to go. I just need to know if I am being too clingy, and if I am what should I do about it? Also what is your opinion on this situation?

Having a Trans Child – Advice to Parents

My daughter is trans - she transitioned in her late teens. This is a very brief resume of some of the stresses and practical problems facing a family with such a child, who may still be at school or college, and is probably still living at home.

Story – The Unbearable Secret

Considering it was my first time in a gay bar, I was totally shy that night. I basically planted myself under the DJ booth and glued my ass to the wall, not moving from that spot, which had a perfect view of the dance floor, for at least two hours. I just stood there. I couldn't muster enough courage to dance, let alone walk around. And then I saw him...