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Is beauty important to get involved in a serious relationship?

Hello, I'm a gay guy from Tunisia who wants to have a serious boyfriend. Some people have said that I am cute, but others doubt it. I'm confused: Am I ugly or am I beautiful? Every time I'm going to meet a guy I get so worried and nervous. I imagine that he's rejecting me because of my image. When I see cute guys I envy them. Sometimes I feel ok and beautiful but most of time I don't. Is beauty so important to get a boyfriend? And how could I fight my doubts? Please help me – I'm about to lose my mind!

How To Cruise a Guy On The Street

Here's How: Go to a place where you're likely to find other gay men. Start walking. When an attractive guy passes by you, attempt to make eye contact. If you make eye contact, don't stop. Walk three more steps. Turn and look over your shoulder. If he's interested, he'll do the same. Face forward a walk three more steps. Turn and look again. If he's looking at you too -- bingo! Go up and introduce yourself. Repeat as necessary. Tips: This technique can also be used in shopping malls, airports, or anywhere there are large numbers of people and room to walk.